Reference Documents

Reference studies that shed light onto the main findings of The Real Costs of Coal: Muğla research.

Analysis of the air quality, toxic and health impacts of the existing power plants in Muğla region, conducted in 2018, by Greenpeace Air Pollution Specialist Lauri Myllyvirta, for The Real Costs of Coal: Muğla research

The Impacts of the Three Coal Power Plants and Open-pit Lignite Mining Operations to Forest Ecosystems in the Province of Muğla analysis, conducted in 2018 by Association for the Research of Rural Environment and Forestry Issues, for The Real Costs of Coal research.

Violation of Rights in Turgut Village In the Impact Area of Yatağan Coal Power Plant, May 2018, by Ecology Collecitve Association

Prof. Dr. Doğan Kantarcı's manuscript presented at the 6th International Muğla Beekeeping and Pine Honey Congress, on 18 October 2018, An Ecological Approach to the Impacts of Dust Emissions from Open-Pit Coal Mines and Thermal Power Plants in Southwest Anatolia (Muğla)

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